Kathy Leigh

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Earls who sweep young ladies up into the dizzying delights of passion and romance; love that breaks through barriers of class and expectations. What will it take for each successive earl of Cumberwell to find a love that is true and lasting?

‘To the Manor Born’ Collection:

No journey is without its hitches and no destination is reached without overcoming obstacles along the way. Three generations of young women discover that the road to love is a bumpy ride, but ultimately find their happy-ever-afters. Three generations of earls of Cumberwell, from Regency times through the Victorian era, take Arabella, Dorothea and Lilian on a journey of passion and delight.

Arabella is stunned when her uncle Biddulph brings the young, handsome and suave earl of Cumberwell to Linwood Manor. She is swept up into the earl’s world but his sophistication and her naivety must be challenged so that their love can flourish.

Dorothea is a governess to the earl of Cumberwell’s daughter, but her sylph-like charm disrupts his tranquil world. She harbors a secret that threatens to rip their love apart. Can their love weather the ravages of the past and the social difficulties of Victorian England?

Lilian’s quiet, mundane life is turned upside down when the earl of Cumberwell arrives with her childhood friend, Thomas. Secrets and surprises sweep her along the road to passion and pleasure.

To the Manor Born

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This is a Regency era story full of angst, confusion, bitterness, betrayal, discovery, and new beginnings. … The story is a journey full of obstacles and adventure.

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