Kathy Leigh

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A marquess in search of a wife; an heiress desperate to keep her secret safe.

Lord Theodore Raeburne, the Marquess of Oakdene, has spent most of his life pursuing pleasure. He is, after all, related to the Duke of Broadwell, one of the leading members of The Lords of Voluptas, a society that believes that pleasure is the greatest good. However, the marquess has begun to feel restless and jaded. He wants more than passing pleasure. He wants a wife, particularly a woman who will love him for who he is, not for his wealth and title.

Charlotte Drake, the daughter of Lord Theo’s neighbor in Worcestershire, prefers fishing in the rivers near her home to the sophistication of the Beau Monde and is more skilled at galloping across the fields than the refined accomplishments expected of young ladies. Her mother brings her to London for the season, hoping Charlotte’s substantial inheritance will attract the attention of a titled gentleman. But Charlotte has a secret, known only to her old friend Hugh Parsiville, that could jeopardize her chances of a good marriage.

What people are saying about the Lords of Volputas

Sensual and Sexy!

The book is very well written with excellent in-depth characters and a superb plot. The setting and situations are vivid and paint a picture for the reader. The intimate scenes are fantastic without being vulgar

This is the 3rd book I’ve read written by Kathy Leigh; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

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A widowed duke, still in love with his first wife; a young woman longing for her first love…

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Wow! Get out your fans and start them waving, fellow readers. This Regency romance sizzles with rather explicit passion, but still retains the emotional pull I expect from a good romance.
Innocent Amelia Hartford and the widower Lord Sebastian Montgomery, Duke of Broadwell, and an acknowledged rake since the death of his first duchess, make an unlikely yet remarkably well-matched and complimentary set of protagonists…
I am looking forward to the next story already. This promises to be an altogether excellent series.

I loved this story. It is easy to read, full of romance, entertaining with a mix of danger added in. …I would highly recommend this book.

The Lords of Voluptas

Voluptas: a Latin word meaning pleasure, delight, satisfaction, enjoyment, gratification.

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To the Manor Born Collection

Buy all three books in one box set.

Twists and turns and lots of adventure always make for a great read! And this one is three books in one. Kathy Leigh is a fabulous storyteller with a wonderful way with words that keep the pages turning. You can’t go wrong.

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This is a Regency era story full of angst, confusion, bitterness, betrayal, discovery, and new beginnings. ... The story is a journey full of obstacles and adventure.

I loved every moment of these books. They were just a blast from the very first page.